10 Best Bed Linen Brands in Australia

10 Best Bed Linen Brands in Australia

In many ways our beds are an important yet under-appreciated part of our lives. We spend a third of our day with our bed linen — it’s where we first greet the day and finally say goodbye to it. With so much of our lives spent in our beds, we at Planet Linen believe it’s imperative to make sure the experience is as comfortable, as beautiful and as ‘us’ as possible. That’s why we’re presenting the 10 best bed linen brands in Australia to make bedding into an unforgettable time.

Linen House

Linen House is a Melbourne-based family business that’s been selling to Australians for 25 years. They feature an extensive range of beautiful designs that are gorgeous to look at and feel. At Linen House, they’re devoted to stunning bedding, with great colours, patterns and textures. Further, they work with top designers, like Alex Perry, Colette Dinnigan and Marie Claire Paris, so with Linen House you can be sure your bedding will always be fabulously fashionable.


Sheridan, what can you really say about Sheridan? A bed linen icon in Australia and for good reason: they’ve been providing luxury sleeping and good dreams to Australians for more than 50 years. Every piece has been crafted and tested to the highest quality standards so they can maintain their devotion to quality, craftsmanship and sustainability. They never compromise on their standards or on comfort. With plenty of materials and style options that evoke effortless elegance and timelessness, Sheridan is your go-to for luxury bed linen in Australia.


Downia has been in business for a staggering 90 years. This has meant they’ve perfected the selection and grading techniques of their feather and down products. This dedication to quality means their bedding still feels new after many years of use. But by no means are their products stagnant. Downia prides themselves on their innovation and their focus on reducing asthma and allergic reaction problems. Perfect for winter but with sufficient breathability to make them versatile for many seasons — that’s Downia. 


MiniJumbuk is an Australian brand built on ingenuity and a commitment to quality. They’re a world leader in the design and manufacture of premium wool quilts, mattress toppers and pillows. Using only the best wool varieties, their products are crafted to improve sleep and enhance comfort. Light, warm, and hardwearing, MiniJumbuk is amazing for a cold winter’s night when you want to snuggle up tight.


Established 70 years ago, Dunlopillo is the number 1 latex and memory foam pillow brand on the market. They’re a leader in innovative premium bedding accessories with their luxurious latex pillows and Therapillio memory foam pillow. These pillows mould to the contours of your head and neck, reducing pressure points and providing extra support with a smooth snug feeling. Dunlopillo is an investment in your health, guaranteed to improve sleep quality and leave you feeling refreshed in the morning.

Logan and Mason

Logan and Mason have a deep commitment to creativity and ingenuity. Made up of skilful and talented artists, the great thing about them is that you’ll always find something that suits your style, no matter what it is. At Logan and Mason, it’s all about colour and fun. Their products are an exciting mix of runway fashion, global cultures, and the natural environment. Plus, their use of high-quality materials and accessories means the fun is matched by comfort.


Experienced and innovative, Bianca’s range is perfect for any room’ design. They use local and internal designers to craft a range that’s unique and diverse. It’s what leaves them with an unsurpassed reputation for quality products with a timeless and classic bed linen look.

Private Collection

If you’re after bed linen that embodies luxury, then Private Collection is for you. They imbue their textured fabrics with rich craftsmanship and superlative detailing which matches style with unparalleled comfort. The range runs the gamut from a timeless feel to luxury fabrics to iconic patterns. Further, they have seasonally inspired designs, refined floral prints, soft textual signatures, and subtle colour palettes, which make Private Collection bed linen a perfect addition all year round.


If Da Vinci embodies the spirit of the Renaissance, then Davinci bedding embodies the spirit of luxury bed linen. Just as Da Vinci built upon the work of the classics, so do Davinci take traditional design elements and craft them into opulent statements fashioned in lavish, artistic and dramatic styles. Their countless decorator options mean you’ll always be able to match your unique style with their products.

Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley is another long-lasting brand, founded in 1954. Their bed linen comes in a variety of designs, ranging from printed to woven to embroidered. Their lusciously soft craftsmanship makes them a wonderful addition to any bed. Plus, their light weight makes them perfect for those long sweltering summer months.

Where to Get the Best Bed Linen

Planet Linen is proud of its reputation for having the best quality bed linen at unbeatable prices. We always make sure your products are delivered as quickly as possible so you can begin sleeping in style and luxury. Plus our friendly staff is always here to answer any questions or concerns you have. You’ll spend a third of your life in your bed, make sure you have the linen you deserve with Planet Linen today.