Super King Quilt Covers

Super King Quilt Covers


Super king quilt covers have become the latest trend in bedding. The reason for this is due to the wide range of mattress depths available. Some King and Queen mattresses have wall depths as deep as 60cm. There is also the popularity of mattress pillow top thicknesses, if you have upgraded your bed to the higher pillow top mattress you will be happy to know that the larger size Super king quilts and quilt covers will cover the bed perfectly.

What is the size of Super King Bed & Super King Quilt Covers

The super king quilt covers measure 270 x 240cm providing the extra hang required to cover the sides of your mattress. These quilts and quilt covers will also stop the tug of war that you are your partner may have at night. There will be enough to cover both of you at night and your comfort should never be compromised. A comfortable bed will ensure that you will rest well throughout the night.

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