Flexi Pillow

Flexi Pillow


At Flexi Pillow they are passionate about their pillows. We at Plant Linen invest time and money in carrying the Flexi Pillow ranges and training our staff about the benefits of Flexi Pillow.

Comfort Meets Support

One of the big challenges in the pillow industry is to produce pillows that are soft enough for comfort yet firm enough for support. Years of trial and error and research have resulted in a phenomenal, compact range of pillows that achieve both these outcomes.

Health Professional Recommended

Flexi Pillows are recommended and sold by Health Care and Back Care practitioners all over Australia.

Leading Edge Technology

Flexi Pillows are at the cutting edge of pillow technology and are constructed from either Cool Gel, Premium Memory Foam, Natural Latex or a combination of the above.

One size fits all – It’s totally adjustable

All Flexi Pillow Contour Pillows are adjustable to four different heights simply by removing the base, so one size fits all. This will eliminate the pillow clutter of unused pillows in your cupboard.

Eco-Conscious premium materials and high density foams

Flexi Pillow only use premium foams of high density with varying feels from soft to firm. All. Foams used are certified by Certipur-US® orOeko-Tex®as devoid of harmful chemicals.

Pillow covers are luxurious, made from either Bamboo Or Tencel® rich fabrics

Flexi Pillow and Flexi Toppers are covered with a removable and washable 3 way zippered Bamboo or Tencel Fabric cover.

5 Year Warranty

Flexi Pillow offer a 5-year warranty on any product failures that may arise from faulty workmanship or defects in the materials used.

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