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Is your bed giving you a backache? There’s no need to replace your mattress although adding a mattress topper will do wonders! A mattress topper is a bedding component that’s layered on top of your mattress for extra cushioning and comfort. It gives extra support and helps you regulate your body temperature to keep you cosy on a cold night or cool on a warm night. A good mattress topper can even stretch your aged mattress’ lifespan by about two more years, giving you time to save up for a mattress upgrade.

Material Choices

Memory Foam

Famous for its therapeutic benefits, memory foam has been incorporated in various products, including sneakers and floors. A memory foam mattress topper effectively reduces the pressure on arthritic or sore joints, making it the recommended material for people with posture problems, back pain and the elderly. The material provides ultra-soft cushioning and excellent support that also effectively reduces motion from tossing and turning. It’s an ideal mattress topper that adds extra comfort to a worn, unsupportive mattress.


Latex has a firm and bouncy surface; it’s typically firmer than memory foam. It provides optimal support as a mattress topper but is not ideal for those who prefer a softer bed. Antimicrobial properties also make it a great choice.

Polyester and Cotton Blends

A polyester and cotton blend is the most economical choice of mattress toppers. It’s often called fiberfill and is a good substitute for those who prefer the soft feel of down and feather material but are allergic to it.

Duck Down Feathers

Also called featherbeds, these mattress toppers feel similar to a doona. They feel ultra-soft and luxurious but give little support. They’re perfect for the summer as they don't retain heat like memory foam and latex.


Wool is an ideal material if you are after ultra-soft cushioning that doesn’t hold in body heat. Wool mattress toppers are best used all year-round as the breathable fabric keeps you cool in summer and warm in the winter. The material is also long lasting and durable, so you’ll get your money’s worth.


Waterproof Protection

This feature protects your mattress from spills and other accidents. It keeps your bed clean and prolongs its life.

Electric or Heated Pads

Some mattress toppers are also electric pads or heated underblankets. They are a must to keep you warm in the winter. They typically come with a controller that lets you set the level of heat to match your needs.

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