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Sheet Sets


Buy Sheet Sets And Bed Sets Online

Shop with us online for the best sheet sets your money can buy. Our collection is a careful selection of the best quality bed sets and sheet sets! Our bed sets help to keep your pillows, duvet, and mattress clean while adding a decorative and snuggly flair to your boudoir. 

Planet Linen has a variety of soft and chic bed sets that will help you create your desired bedroom aesthetic. 

We provide sheets for all bed sizes - Single, King Single, Twin, Double, Queen, King, and Superking, so you can find something to suit your style in the size you like. Explore our collection below to find inspiration and plan your new bedroom aesthetic rooted in comfort and quality.

What Is A Sheets Set?

A sheet set lets you purchase everything you need to cover your duvet, mattress, and pillows. Buying your quilt cover, pillowcases, flat sheet, and fitted sheet together will make your purchase journey smoother and can ensure your set matches perfectly. Buy sheet sets online with us to get everything you need in one place, hassle-free, without spending hours browsing to mix and match.

Striking Patterned And Coloured Bed Sheet Sets

Your room’s vibe can be completely revamped with a new bed set. Let’s refresh and uplift your space with lighter colours and minimalist floral patterns, or perhaps add character with luxurious dark and rich colours. Add one of our throw blankets to create more dimension and add a colour gradient.

Add depth, character, and charming flair to your bedroom with richer colours and intricate patterns. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends to offer you bed sets in line with the beautiful bedroom inspo you see on Pinterest!

Comfortable Bed Set Materials 

We know how important it is to find comfortable materials and ones that stay comfortable after you’ve washed them. Whether your dream night’s sleep is in crisp bamboo cotton sheets or fluid and smooth silk, we can provide you with the perfect material based on your preference.

Do you and your partner both prefer a different texture when it comes to bed sheets? Compromise with one of each, or find the in-between by purchasing cotton sheet sets to get the crispness of linen sheet sets with the softness of silk.


When it comes to the material of your bedding, the quality matters. We stock bed sets only from the most reputable brands in Australia, such as:

High Thread Count Sheets Sets For Your Comfort

The thread count for your sheets is the number of vertical and horizontal threads found in each centimetre of the fabric. A higher thread count generally means softer sheets. Since there are more threads, the fabric is more flexible, smooth, and luxurious. 

However, if you find yourself warm during the summer or year-round, a higher thread count isn’t your best friend. Higher thread counts help lock in heat and keep you snuggly and toasty in your bed. 

If you’re a sweaty sleeper, it’s best to choose a low thread count fabric, preferably something with a high linen content, like French linens,  as this will help to evaporate the sweat from your body without your sheets getting damp! And you won’t need to compromise on the softness.

Convenient Features

The material, thread count, and style of your sheet sets are top considerations. But there are some other things to think about to find your dreamiest snuggle set:

  • Fastening: How you put your sheets sets on matters, as you’ll have to do it weekly to keep them fresh. Opting for a bottom sheet without elastic can make it easier to put it on, but an elastic set will have a much more snug and secure fit. Zippers can also be a more convenient way to close and unclose your duvet. We offer many different types of fasteners to suit every person’s unique preferences!
  • Washing: Do you need something suitable for the tumble dryer? Opting for sheets that suit your current washing method will help you incorporate them into your routine without inconvenience. We have many options to find the perfect bed sheet set - one compatible with your washing technique.

Reasonable prices and exceptional quality are simply what you can expect when you shop with us at Planet Linen. We offer free shipping if you order more than $99 worth of bedlinens, and we offer versatile payment options. You can pay now or spread out the cost with AfterPay, ZipPay, Humm, Klarna, and LatitudePay. 

Browse our collection to find your bedding set, and pair it with some beautiful throw cushions to revamp your excitement for bedtime! Shower, moisturise, and hop into your fresh sheets to doze off and refresh yourself.


Why Does Thread Count Matter?

The thread count indicates how tightly woven the fabric is, and how many threads are in each centimeter of fabric. A high thread count means more insulation, so make your choice based on how hot you get throughout the night.

Do You Need A Flat Sheet As Well As A Fitted Sheet?

A flat sheet is a great addition to your fitted sheet. It’s up to you whether you use it or not. You can apply a flat sheet instead of a fitted sheet over your mattress. Or, you can use it as an extra layer under your quilt to keep you warm at night. Flat sheets are great for staying cool in the summer.

What Colour Sheets Should I Choose?

Fresher, lighter colours can brighten up your space and create a cleaner look. However, it can be difficult to keep them clean, especially if you like bringing a drink to bed or having your pet sleep with you.

If that’s the case, you’re best choosing a darker colour or beige, as any stains won’t be as noticeable. To protect white sheets, try pairing them with a few throw blankets to keep your pets’ paws off the bed!

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