Do you ever long for that sumptuously soft, plush feeling of hotel pillows? Well, you're in luck! 

Our curated selection of luxurious pillows will swaddle you with irresistible comfort the second you sink your head into them. Every pillow available at Planet Linen has been meticulously crafted to provide exceptional support, ensuring you enjoy a perfect night's sleep and wake up on the right side of the bed every morning! 

Boasting sought-after brands, including Bianca, Dunlopillo, Downia, Logan and Mason, John Cotton, and more, you can trust our pillows are guaranteed to deliver a 5-star sleep experience that will leave you feeling cozy and rejuvenated. 

Discover Your Perfect Pillow Match Today!

If you're seeking high-quality pillows that guarantee endless comfort and support, indulge in plush perfection with our thoughtfully curated pillows range! Explore the following types of pillows available at Planet Linen to find your match: 

  • Memory Foam Pillows: These innovative pillows adjust to the shape of your neck and head, providing personalised support that offers instant relief. They are perfect for anyone who suffers from shoulder or neck pain. Discover the Memory Cloud Pillow by Logan and Mason.
  • Latex Pillows: Crafted with firm and supportive latex foam, these pillows are ideal for side sleepers who need extra neck and head support while they snooze. These bouncy pillows are also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, making them a superb choice for anyone prone to allergies. Discover the Luxurious Latex Medium Profile & Firm Feel Pillow by Dunlopillo.
  • Duck Down Pillows: Packed with the soft, insulative down found beneath duck feathers, duck down pillows provide a fluffy and endlessly cozy sensation. They are perfect for anyone seeking a lightweight feel with excellent breathability and insulation. Discover the Downia Classique Duck Down & Feather Pillow.
  • Microfibre Pillows: Crafted with synthetic fibres, microfibre pillows serve as a budget-friendly alternative that doesn't compromise comfort. Because these pillows don't use animal materials, they are suitable for vegans and possess hypoallergenic properties, making them fantastic for allergy-prone individuals. Discover the HOTEL COLLECTION Microfibre blend EUROPEAN PILLOW by Downia.
  • Feather Pillows: Often made from the dense outer feathers of ducks or geese, these classic pillows provide the perfect balance of softness and support. For anyone seeking the 5-star comfort experienced at hotels, these are the pillows for you! Discover the 100% Feather European Pillow by Logan & Mason.
  • Pregnancy Pillows: Ergonomically shaped to support baby bumps, pregnancy pillows are a holy grail for any mother-to-be! They instantly relieve the strain that baby bumps often cause while offering extra support all through the night, ensuring comfort and restful sleep. Discover the Dual Firmness Pregnancy Pillow by Flexi Pillow.

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Pillow

Our pillow protectors are the easiest way to lengthen the lifespan of your pillow. These wonderful protective layers provide shielding from dust mites, bed bugs, moisture, bacteria, and stains while also providing an extra layer of cushioning and support for an even better night's sleep! 

When you’re not using your pillows, you should regularly fluff them to help redistribute the filling and maintain even support. You should also follow the wash and dry instructions (found on the care label) to prevent unnecessary damage. 

Pair Your Pillow with Our Stylish Pillowcases

Our gorgeous pillowcase collection perfectly pairs with our selection of pillows. With a range of tasteful styles, luxurious materials, varying sizes, and shapes to choose from, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect pairing for your bed pillows!

Whether your seeking minimal and chic design, like our Abbotson Ink Linen Tailored Pillowcase Pair by Sheridan, something vivacious and floral, such as the Driessan Nocturnal Pillowcase by Sheridan

you're bound to discover a pillowcase that aligns with your preferences!

Pillow FAQs: 

For your convenience, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about pillows:

Which Pillow Is Best to Buy? 

The best pillow to buy depends on your needs and preferences. When choosing a pillow, consider factors like your favourite sleep position, whether you have any existing neck or back pain, and if you are allergy-prone. 

At Planet Linen, we have a huge selection of high-quality pillows tailored to every need and preference. From allergy-friendly microfibre to ergonomic and supportive memory foam and latex you'll find all kinds of pillows in our collection. Discover your perfect match today!

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillow? 

To ensure a continuous good night's sleep, it's best advised to replace your pillows every 1 to 2 years. After this period, pillows tend to lose their shape and support and may accumulate allergens and dust mites, impacting both your comfort and hygiene. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your pillow, there are many measures you can take. 

For instance, routinely fluffing up your pillows will help keep them plush and evenly distribute the filling. You should also follow the care instructions on your pillow's label to prevent damage. Revive your bedding with our selection of luxurious pillows at Planet Linen!

Which Pillows Do 5-Star Hotels Use? 

5-star hotels often provide 100% real duck or goose feather and down pillows. This stuffing option delivers remarkable softness that swaddles you with unparalleled comfort, creating a euphoric feel! 

Many 5-star hotels also provide microfibre alternatives for guests who suffer from allergies. These pillows mimic the same level of comfort and plushness as any other pillow without the itchiness or sniffles allergy-prone people often experience. 

When you shop at Planet Linen, you'll find a wonderful variety of hotel-quality pillows, such as duck down and microfibre pillows, that will make your sleep time feel like a luxurious retreat!

How Much Should I Spend On a Pillow? 

A high-quality pillow can cost anywhere between $60 and $250, depending on the materials, size, and brand. At Planet Linen, you'll find the best pillows suited to every budget. Our cheapest pillows start at just $29.99, such as the Downia Essentials Collection Pillow Standard, allowing you to enjoy irresistible comfort for a fraction of the price! 

We also have many ongoing promotions and sales and offer a range of flexible payment options, such as Klarna and AfterPay. 

What To Avoid When Buying a Pillow? 

When shopping for a pillow, you should avoid opting for cheap materials that don't last and are otherwise skin irritants, such as polyester and low-quality foam fillings. Instead, look out for high-quality materials, like duck down/feather, microfibre, memory foam, and latex. These materials don't just feel great but also last many years, ensuring endless comfort and support. 

You should also consider your needs, such as required firmness and support and sizing requirements, to ensure your pillow is the perfect match. 

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