Cocoon yourself in irresistible comfort with our thoughtfully curated range of blankets. Upon browsing our decadent selection, you'll discover an array of designer brands, like Sheridan, Bambi, Renee Taylor, and Linen House, and lots of unique styles and designs!

Whether you're seeking something insulating and cosy to accompany your bedding or perhaps a stylish and decorative statement for your living room, you're destined to discover the perfect blanket suited to your needs and preferences at Planet Line. 

Make every moment a comfy one with our premium range of blankets!

Discover Your Dream Blanket at Planet Linen

Whether you're snuggling up on the sofa with a book or film, swaddling yourself with warmth in bed, or enjoying cosy evenings on your patio, blankets are the perfect companion for various occasions. 

To uncover your dream blanket, familiarise yourself with the different styles and materials that are suited to various uses and preferences. Check out our shopping guide below to understand the different types of blankets and discover your perfect match!

Blanket Shopping Guide: Luxury Materials & Styles To Choose

  • Wool Blankets: At Planet Linen, there are many wool blankets to choose from, including deluxe merino wool and premium Australian wool blankets. This classic material boasts incredible insulation and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring comfy and warm relaxation. Shop the Australian-made Wool Twill Navy Blankets by Bambi.

  • Weighted Blankets: These dense, therapeutic blankets are filled to provide even and gentle pressure, which is believed to relieve restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. Discover the Ultra Soft Weighted Blanket by Ardor

  • Electric Blankets: Equipped with electrical heating features, these innovative blankets are perfect for colder weather. Often featuring adjustable warmth settings, you can experience personalised comfort that keeps you warm and snug throughout the night. Choose the Comfortech Wi-Fi Electric Blanket by Tontine

  • Faux Fur Throws: Made with premium synthetic fur, these blankets are a wonderfully ethical and affordable alternative to real fur blankets. Not only are these blankets just as soft as the real thing, but they're also stunning to look at, so you can kick back and relax in style! Check out the Mink Blanket Winter Warm 750gsm CHARCOAL by Renee Taylor.

Top Tips on Caring for Your Blanket

To maintain quality and lengthen the lifespan of your blanket, it's important to look after it properly. Following the instructions detailed on the care label will prevent unnecessary damage and keep your blanket in tip-top shape for many years!

If your blanket features intricate sewn patterns or embellishments and/or is made from a delicate material, such as cashmere or merino wool, consider a professional cleaning service to ensure your blanket is properly refreshed without damaging it.

To keep your blanket plush and ensure its filling (if it has one) is evenly distributed, routinely shake and fluff it.

When storing your blanket, keep it in a cool and dry place to prevent unpleasant odours, mould, and mildew - also, ensure your blanket is completely dry before storing it away. 

To prevent wearing your blanket too quickly, you can purchase multiple blankets, ensuring you have enough to rotate every few days

Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Your Blanket

There are many wonderful ways to embrace the soothing cosiness of your new blanket! 

Whether curled up with your favourite book or magazine on a chilly evening, draped over a sofa for added style, or layered on your bed for a truly snug and restful sleep, blankets make versatile home additions that add both comfort and aesthetic appeal. 

Blankets don't just serve indoor purposes; they're also perfect for keeping warm when enjoying the great outdoors! You can elevate the comfort of your summer picnics by spreading a soft blanket on the ground or, perhaps, wrap up warm while you watch sunsets or stargaze in the night while unwinding in your garden. 

With endless versatility, your blanket becomes a cherished companion that adds a touch of warmth, relaxation, and style to every wonderful moment!

Blankets Vs Throws: What's the Difference?

While traditional blankets and throw blankets both deliver comfort and warmth, they do have some differences that distinguish them. 

Generally, blankets tend to be larger and are primarily designed to cover the entire body, offering warmth and comfort on beds. Whereas throws are usually smaller and often serve more of a decorative purpose - they make simple yet incredibly effective interior editions that enhance the aesthetic appeal of sofas or chairs, creating an inviting and stylish environment. 


We have answered the most frequently asked questions about blankets to guide your search: 

What Are the Qualities of a Good Blanket? 

A good blanket boasts qualities that guarantee comfort and longevity. 

Quality materials such as cotton, wool, waffle-knit, and fleece are superb for softness and durability. For easy maintenance, look out for machine-washable blankets and stain-resistant materials, like microfibre. In terms of aesthetic qualities, choose a design and colour that complements your interior. 

Upon browsing our curated selection of luxury blankets, you'll find a range of premium brands, materials, and styles that tick every box! Find the perfect, top-quality blanket for your living space at Planet Linen today!

Looking for a stylish throw to adorn your sofa? Check out the vibrant and tasteful Cavallo Stone Washed 100% Linen Throw - PAPRIKA By Renee Taylor!

How Many Blankets Do You Really Need? 

You can have as many blankets as you like! If you enjoy being cosy and prefer an eclectic interior, you can layer different coloured blankets on your bed, reading chair, sofa, and daybed. Alternatively, if you'd rather keep things simple, you can opt for one thick blanket, such as a merino wool blanket, to achieve endless warmth and comfort. 

You'll find an assortment of stylish, premium blankets suited to many uses and preferences at Planet Linen. Discover our complete collection today!

How Long Should You Keep Blankets?

The lifespan of your blanket depends on its material and use. If you own a throw blanket, you can expect 5+ years of use with proper care. If you own a quilt, you can expect a lifetime of use - these often get passed down through generations as family heirlooms! And if you own a bedspread/bed blanket, it will likely last between 5 and 10 years.

Whichever type of blanket you own, always be sure to follow the care instructions detailed on the label to prevent unnecessary damage and promote cleanliness and longevity. Shop premium, long-lasting Australian-made blankets in a variety of styles at Planet Linen today!

How Often Are Blankets Washed? 

The necessary cleaning frequency of your blankets depends on how often you use them. A general rule of thumb is to wash your blankets weekly or fortnightly if in regular use and every few months if they are primarily decorative and rarely touched. If your children or pets frequently snuggle up with a blanket, you may consider washing it every few days to remove accumulated dirt and stains. 

What Does a Blanket Cover? 

Blankets can be used to cover a wide range of furniture, including accent chairs, beds, daybeds, and sofas, adding warmth, comfort, and style to any item in your home!

They also extend their function to outdoor use. You can use a blanket as a comfy base for your picnics, beach outings or as an extra layer of warmth on camping trips. They are also fantastic accompaniments for garden furniture, especially if you enjoy unwinding on your patio in the evenings! 

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