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Get a cozier sleep with Australia’s best selection of quilt covers! Quilt Covers, simply put, are protective coverings for your quilts. Not only do they provide extra warmth and comfort, but they also add an element of style to your bedding and bedroom.

Planet Linen offers a great variety of beautiful and soft quilt cover sets to suit your style and comfort needs. Find them in all standard sizes such as Single, King Single, Twin, Double, Queen, King and Super King. To help you with your shopping, we’ve listed things to consider to choose the perfect quilt for you.

Patterns & Colours Add Character

The patterns and colours of your bedding will have a great impact on the atmosphere of your room. Dressing up your quilt will definitely add to your room’s vibe. If you aim for a fresh, airy, minimalist look, you can opt for a plain white or light grey. If you love nature and green accents, you can choose from our green collection. When you want something bold, then go for our stylish quilt covers with big beautiful patterns.

The Material Determines Your Comfort Level

You’ll find our quilt covers available in various high-quality materials like linen, cotton, cotton blends, silk and more. The material typically determines the comfort level and other characteristics. For example, thicker quilt covers add more heat insulation making them perfect for the winter. Lighter cotton versions are more breathable making them your go-to quilt covers for the summer. Silk provides the ultimate comfort and luxurious feel but they’re too delicate for those who have pets. 

Whether you opt to buy a linen or silk quilt cover, it’s smart to consider the brand when choosing a material. Some brands make their beddings from higher-quality materials and with superior craftsmanship. Make sure to buy your quilt covers online from the most trusted brands. Luckily, Planet Linen only stocks from Australia’s best brands like Sheridan, Logan and Mason, Linen House, Private Collection and more.

Thread Count for Extra Comfort

Thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square centimetre. The higher the thread count, the snugglier, softer, and more luxurious your quilt will feel on your skin. A higher thread count could also mean a warmer covering. So during warmer weather, a high-quality fine yarn with a low thread count is your best bet. It lets air move freely through the material while still having a soft surface.

Other Unique Features

There are several other features that will uniquely serve you. For instance, some quilt covers have smooth and slippery material. While others are more versatile for machine washing and drying. These features can vary between materials and may depend on how it’s made.

Wondering where to buy high-quality quilt covers online? Look no further than Planet Linen! Get snug and have a comfortable sleep with our wide range of quilt covers and sets for sale. Buy our quilt covers and get free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $99. Buy now and pay later with AfterPay, ZipPay, Humm, Klarna and LatitudePay. Shop the Planet Linen range now!

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