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Beach Towels


Beach Towels

A joyous summer’s day trip to the seaside or pool calls for a high-quality cotton beach towel. The​​se aqua-activity accessories are an absolute must-need to ensure you experience maximum comfort and extraordinary style by the water’s edge. 

We have meticulously curated our entire range of luxurious beach towels to ensure relaxing beachside and poolside lounging. Every beach towel at Planet Linen is expertly crafted to deliver unparalleled quality that swaddles you in velvety softness while guaranteeing the utmost practicality with rapid drying and highly absorbent features. 

We proudly stock leading beach towel brands Sheridan and Bambury, offering a diverse variety of seasonal colourways and styles suited to many preferences and ages. 

Whether you’re seeking a charming coastal-inspired beach poncho for your little one or a fashionable beach towel for yourself, a wonderful collection awaits your exploration at Planet Linen. Find your style today!

Key Features of Our Beach Towels

There are several features that set beach towels apart from regular bathroom towels, such as absorbency, material, size, and more. When searching for a good quality beach towel, it’s important to look out for these essential features as they combine to deliver functionality and comfort. 

Wondering what makes our curated selection of cotton beach towels stand out from the rest? Here’s a complete guide on the key features of each towel stocked at Planet Linen: 


The material of a beach towel determines its overall quality. Our entire range of beach towels is masterfully crafted using 100% cotton, including sumptuously soft Egyptian cotton beach towels and eco-friendly recycled cotton beach towels. Our cotton beach towels not only deliver irresistible comfort but also promise longevity. 


Absorbency is an absolute must when it comes to beach towels. To ensure moisture is effectively soaked up, many of our towels feature an exceedingly absorbent terry reverse. 

Characterised by a plush, textured surface, terry cotton is among the most effective — and popular — moisture-absorbing materials for beach towels. Terry cotton not only swiftly absorbs moisture, but it’s also gentle on the skin and quick-drying, ensuring an enjoyable wind down after a refreshing dip in the water. 


Beach towels are designed to accommodate your body’s full length, ensuring a relaxing lounging experience in the sun. We have a plethora of different-sized beach towels suited to both youngsters and grown-ups, so you and your entire family can soak up blissful comfort with the perfect-sized towel. 

When shopping our beach towel collection, we recommend measuring your height with a tape measure to ensure you find the perfect match. 


Crafted from quality materials and finished with reinforced stitching, each of our beach towels is intentionally designed to withstand outdoor use, ensuring your purchase is a long-lasting investment that will accompany you on countless seaside getaways! 

Beach Towel Vs Beach Poncho: Which Is Best for You? 

Our beach towel collection extends far beyond conventional beach towels by offering a diverse assortment of beach ponchos. A beach poncho is a wearable beach towel that features a cosy hood, armholes, and a handy front pocket so you can store your seaside necessities! 

These super cool garments possess all the fabulous qualities of our beach towels, so you don’t have to compromise on comfort, effectiveness, and durability. You’ll find many sized beach ponchos within our collection that are suitable for all ages, from adults to toddlers and babies, ensuring everyone can wear one — perfect for capturing an Instagram-worthy family photo! 

When choosing between a beach towel and a beach poncho, it’s important to understand that both accessories serve their own distinct function. 

If you’re someone who prefers soaking up sun-rays on the sand or by the pool, a beach towel is likely your best option because it accommodates your entire body’s length. However, if you’re seeking a fuss-free and practical drying solution in between beach or poolside activities, a beach poncho will certainly suffice — If you prefer the best of both worlds, why not opt for both?

Discover Your Beach Style: Our Highest-Rated Beach Towel Designs 

Beach towels go beyond practicality and comfort; they serve as an expression of personal style! Here are our best-selling styles (with examples) to inspire your search: 

  • Stripe beach towels: if you’re looking for a classic design, you’ll likely enjoy our stripe beach towels, such as the Classic Stripe Velour Egyptian Cotton Beach Towel PEBBLE by Bambury. 
  • Floral beach towels: Do you love all things botanical? If you answered yes, then our floral beach towels, such as our stunning Zoea Multi Beach Towel by Sheridan, are your perfect match. 
  • Abstract beach towels: Looking for something a little more quirky and funky? You’ll definitely like our selection of abstract beach towel designs, like the Shallows Tea Green Beach Towel by Sheridan. 
  • Solid colour beach towels: If you prefer simple yet stylish designs, our choice of solid colour beach towels, such as the Northcove Sunlight Beach Towel by Sheridan, make a fabulous match. 

Explore Our Top Beach Towel Brands

At Planet Linen, we proudly stock two of the leading beach towel brands: Sheridan and Bambury. 

Expertly crafted using the finest materials, Sheridan beach towels harmoniously marry the artistry of stitching and modern design with lavish comfort, ensuring you receive a premium beach towel that’s both functional and tasteful. 

With over 20 years in the business, Bambury beach towels redefine poolside/seaside lounging by combining innovative textile technologies with elegant, minimalist design. 

Whether you’re in search of eye-catching patterns or exceptional softness, Sheridan and Bambury beach towels have you covered! Browse the latest designs from both brands today. 


We have answered the most frequently asked questions to help you when browsing our beach towel collection: 

What Should I Look for in a Beach Towel?

Key factors to look out for when shopping for a beach towel include absorbency, size, material, and durability. Opt for towels made from 100% cotton or microfiber to ensure longevity and comfort. 

Additionally, seek beach towels with special design features, like terry cotton fabric and appropriate dimensions, to ensure they sufficiently accommodate outdoor use and align with your preferences. 

How Often Should You Wash Beach Towels?

To ensure your beach towel remains sanitary and in good condition, it’s best advised to wash it every two to three uses. Of course, if your towel is visibly dirty or has a bad odour after just one or two uses, you should wash it as needed. 

Maintaining a regular washing routine will help remove sunscreen residue, salt, sand, and any potential bacteria that may accumulate with each use. 

What Makes a Beach Towel Different? 

Beach towels are purposefully designed for lounging on sandy shores and poolsides, unlike regular towels, which are typically for everyday use in bathrooms. 

They are larger than regular towels and are fast-drying and highly absorbent to ensure comfort and functionality in an outdoor setting. It’s also common for beach towels to have vibrant designs and patterns to elevate your personal style and contribute to the lively surroundings of beaches and pools. 

What Are The Qualities of a Good Beach Towel? 

A good beach towel should be made from 100% cotton to ensure its soft-to-touch and gentle on the skin. It should also be appropriately sized to wrap around your body, highly absorbent, fast-drying, and aesthetically pleasing.

How Much Do Beach Towels Cost? 

The cost of a beach towel typically depends on the brand and overall quality. At Planet Linen, we sell an assortment of sought-after Bambury and Sheridan beach towels, which typically range between $54.99 and $249.95. For exclusive deals and discounts, check out our super sale!

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