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How to Shop by Linen Size

When shopping quilt covers for the bedroom, you might find it easiest to buy based on size. The single bed has its own challenges. Due to its smaller size, linen needs to speak in volumes that the bed itself can't. So make it count. Get a two pack of Big and Bouncy pillows and encase these in eye catching covers to make them stand out even more. If there is more than one single in the room, you may want to consider blending both in, or mixing and matching depending on who is sleeping in which bed - each person may have their own idea as to what they want on their bed and may favour the individual look.

For owners of larger beds like the king size double bed, you may prefer a more subtle look. Go for a quieter shade with a matching doona to give the bed that cool, inviting look. Or if it's an in between sized bed like a king single or a small double, do you want fitted sheets with a matching valance, or flat sheets that are easy to use? We have a price match guarantee meaning that you can be sure you are not just buying the best, but buying at the best price.

How to Shop by Quilt Cover Set and Sheet Sets Size

When it comes to shopping for quilt covers and sheets, the easiest way to filter your search results is by ‘size’.

Each customer and their requirements are different, some like extra doona coverage, some have deeper walls on their mattress. So when it comes to shopping online, filtering by size is a great option to narrow down the results to those relevant to your needs. At Planet Linen our goal is to provide you with your dream bedroom at even dreamier prices. Our extensive range of Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King linen will provide everything you need to refresh your interiors without the commitment of renovating or changing the structure of your home.