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Fitted Sheets


When creating the perfect bed linen ensemble, fitted sheets serve as the foundation for comfort. 

With elasticised edges, these smartly designed sheets fit around the edges of your mattress, ensuring a snug and secure fit that creates a smooth, wrinkle-free surface and prevents the inconvenience of sheets slipping off. By choosing this innovative style of sheet, you're guaranteed luxurious comfort and undisturbed rest. 

At Planet Linen, we have a huge selection of premium fitted sheets to choose from, available in many colours and sizes. Browse our wide range of fitted sheets today to discover your perfect match!

Discover a Range of Premium Materials in Our Fitted Sheet Collection

At Planet Linen, we proudly stock a variety of fitted mattress sheets in various premium materials suited to every preference! Discover our most sought-after materials (with examples), available to shop today: 

  • Natural Linen Sheets: Linen is famed for its incredible breathability and eco-friendliness. It's excellent for temperature regulation and steady airflow, ensuring your bedding stays fresh and comfortable, especially during warmer seasons! Discover the Abbotson Flax Linen Fitted Sheet by Sheridan.
  • Organic Cotton Sheets: Chemical-free and 100% natural, organic cotton serves as an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic choice. Its silky, soft texture encourages a perfect night's sleep without worries of skin irritation. Check out the Sheridan's Organic Classic Percale Fitted Sheet

Indulge in 5-star Luxury with Our Range of Renowned Brands

At Planet Linen, we have thoughtfully curated our collection of fitted sheets to ensure premium quality and endless comfort. We have a variety of top-notch brands available to browse within our fitted sheet range. 

Sheridan is among our most popular brands that use only the finest textiles and expert craftmanship to create their fitted sheets. Bambury Commercial offers luxurious comfort for an affordable price, making this brand an excellent budget-friendly choice. 

For all things natural, hypoallergenic, and linen, Linen House is your go-to brand. And if you're seeking state-of-the-art opulence, Logan and Mason's platinum range won't disappoint!

A Guide to Fitted Sheet Sizes

When shopping for new fitted bed sheets, it's essential you choose the right size to ensure a snug fit. 

Unsure of which size sheet you need? Grab a measuring tape and use our guide to identify which type of mattress you own!

  • Single Bed - 91 x 193 + 40cm
  • Extra Long Single Bed - 91 x 203 + 40cm
  • MEGA Extra Long Single Bed - 91 x 203 + 50cm
  • Extra Long Single Bed -  91 x 203 + 40cm
  • King Single Bed - 107 x 203 + 40cm
  • Double Bed - 137 x 193 + 40cm
  • Double MEGA Bed - 137 x 193 + 50cm
  • Queen Bed - 152 x 203 + 40cm
  • MEGA Queen Bed - 152 x 203 + 50cm.
  • DELUXE Queen Bed - 152 x 203 + 60cm.
  • King Bed - 182 x 203 + 40cm
  • MEGA King Bed - 182 x 203 + 50cm.
  • DELUXE King Bed -  182 x 203 + 60cm.
  • SUPER King Bed MEGA - 204 x 204 + 50cm
  • SUPER King Bed DELUXE - 204 x 204 + 60cm

Caring for Your Fitted Sheets

To maintain the hygiene and overall quality of your fitted sheets and prolong their lifespan, it's important to care for them properly. Always follow the care guidance shown on the label to prevent damaging your sheets. It's additionally important to regularly wash your sheets, ensuring you do so with similar colours to maintain their vibrancy. 

To maintain the stretchiness of your sheet's elasticated edges, stick to colder and gentle wash cycles - hot cycles can damage the elasticity. You should also avoid overloading your washing machine to ensure your fitted sheets get properly cleaned. By following these tips, your sheets will last, offering a snug fit and cosy feel for many years to come! 


Here are readily answered frequently asked questions about fitted sheets: 

How Often Should You Buy New Fitted Sheets? 

A general rule of thumb is to replace your bed sheets every two years. However, the lifespan of your fitted sheet depends on the material it's crafted from. 

If you own premium cotton sheets, such as organic or Egyptian cotton, you can get between 2 to 4 years of use out of them. If you own linen, bamboo cotton, or microfibre sheets, you can expect between 3 to 5 years of use (or more with proper care!). If you're in need of new, high-quality bedding, save money with our range of fitted sheet at Planet Linen!

What Are the Features of Fitted Sheets? 

Fitted sheets feature elasticated corners, designed to tightly secure the sheet around the mattress for a flawlessly smooth and snug fit. Crafted from various materials like cotton, linen, bamboo, and blends, they also provide wonderful comfort, breathability, and durability. 

Discover our curated selection of fitted sheets today at Planet Linen!

What's the Difference Between Fitted Sheets and Flat Sheets? 

Fitted sheets feature elasticated corners that snugly wrap around the mattress to ensure no slipping and sliding while you sleep. Flat sheets are rectangular sheets that get placed on top of the fitted sheet and below your quilt covers, acting as a protective layer and adding an extra cosy touch to your bedding set-up. Create your full bedding ensemble with our luxurious range of sheet sets. 

What Are the Benefits of Fitted Sheets? 

Fitted sheets are popular because they boast so many fantastic benefits! They deliver a tailored fit that stays securely in place, ensuring a tidy appearance while preventing corners from coming loose, which can disturb your sleep.

Their elasticated edges make bed-making a walk in the park, enabling you to quickly and effortlessly tuck corners and smooth out surface wrinkles. Additionally, fitted sheets act as a protective layer for the mattress, shielding it from dust, stains, and wear. Shop top-of-the-line fitted sheets and sets at Planet Linen today! 

Should I size Up for Fitted Sheets? 

Different fitted sheet sizes are intentionally crafted to fit your mattress size, so you don't need to worry about sizing up. However, if you have a thick padded mattress protector, your mattress may require a slightly bigger-sized sheet to ensure every corner is covered. Before purchasing a fitted sheet, be sure to measure your mattress and identify which dimensions it needs!

Shop a range of fitted sheets in various sizes, including single, double, king, and queen, at Planet Linen today!

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