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Floor Rugs

Introducing our exclusively handpicked selection of bespoke floor rugs. Each piece has been masterfully crafted by leading brand Rug Culture, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovative design. 

Each rug exudes quality, durability, and luxury by harmoniously blending premium materials, including wool and cotton, with captivating patterns and impeccable craftship.

From runners to square and round rugs, we proudly stock over 600 floor rugs at Planet Linen. Whether you’re seeking a timelessly classic rug style or a quirky and modern shag rug, you’re bound to find the perfect adornment for your interior on our site. We welcome you to explore our entire collection of floor rugs online today!

Benefits of Adorning Your Home with Luxury Floor Rugs 

Floor rugs are exceptionally multifaceted decorative elements that serve many purposes. Adding a floor rug can completely redefine your home's interior aesthetic, delivering decorative sophistication that gracefully compliments your surrounding furniture while also adding a charming touch of character to your interior. 

They also imbue luxurious underfoot comfort, providing a sumptuous plush surface, especially when crafted with premium materials, such as wool and cotton. 

Beyond comfort and interior style, our selection of floor rugs assures lasting durability and functionality, making them long-lasting investments that will reliably serve your home for many years. Because top brand Rug Culture meticulously crafts each rug we sell, you can expect reinforced stitching and top-tier materials, which combine to deliver unparalleled quality. 

Floor Rug Materials and Shapes: Which Is Best for You?

With so many rugs on offer at Planet Linen, we recommend familiarising yourself with the key elements that define different floor rugs. This will help you to effectively refine your search and find the perfect piece for your home! Here are the key characteristics to look out for during your search: 


  • Cotton rugs: If you’re searching for an irresistibly soft floor rug, cotton is the material for you! Endlessly soft and naturally breathable, cotton makes delightfully light and airy floor rugs that still boast endless comfort. We have a diverse assortment of cotton rugs, including low-maintenance washable cotton rugs — great for families with pets and youngsters — in many styles and colours!
  • Wool rugs: Incredibly insulating, durable, and soft, wool rugs make a superb edition to any interior. Foster a cosy and soothing environment with our complete range of traditional floor rugs crafted with the finest wool fibres. 
  • Jute rugs: Crafted using natural fibres to offer unparalleled durability paired with an elegant boho aesthetic, jute rugs serve as a sustainable and stylish investment. To create a warm and earthy interior aesthetic, shop our range of natural woven jute rugs today! 
  • Synthetic rugs: Combining the latest textile innovations with vibrant styles, synthetic rugs pose as the perfect edition for modern interiors. Our range of synthetic floor rugs promises remarkable resilience to stains, fading, and wear while also offering affordability.


  • Runner rug: Ideal for narrow spaces, like hallways and entryways
  • Round rug: Perfect for creating a centrepiece statement.
  • Rectangle rug: Excellent for anchoring furniture together in large spaces.
  • Oval rug: Best for creating a unique focal point in smaller, narrower spaces. 

5 Fabulous Floor Rug Styling Tips 

Whether you wish to create an eclectic interior with an abundance of playful textures, vibrant colours, and layers or simply looking to harmoniously anchor your furniture with a sophisticated touch, our diverse selection of bespoke floor rugs allows for endless interior styling, empowering you to achieve the aesthetic you desire.

Wondering how you can style your new floor rug? Check out our top five tips for some interior inspiration:

1. Mix and Match Different Rugs

If you’re looking to achieve an eclectic interior aesthetic, try mixing and matching different rug styles, shapes, and complementary colours to create a wonderfully dynamic and visually captivating layered appearance that reflects your unique style. 

2. Choose The Right Size

When it comes to floor rugs, the size you choose depends on two things: your preferences and the size of your space. In larger spaces, we recommend considering oversize rugs that occupy a greater area of the floor. This will foster a fuller and cosier environment while concurrently anchoring your surrounding furniture together, ensuring your interior is cohesive and balanced. 

For smaller rooms, we advise selecting a lesser-sized rug that frames the central area of your space, leaving the surrounding flooring exposed. This will help you achieve a more open feel in your home. 

3. Harmonise Colours

We stock an abundance of floor rugs in many vibrant colours. Choosing a floor rug that’s complimentary to the colour scheme of your interior will create a harmoniously balanced appearance, ensuring it seamlessly blends with your furniture and decor. This will deliver a visually dazzling effect that’s well-cultivated and inviting. 

4. Play with Patterns 

We have a multitude of unique artisanal rugs in a variety of captivating patterns. By playing around with patterns in your interior, you can infuse your home with charm and character, ensuring your personal space exudes your individuality. 

Floor rugs are a superb way of adding a playful touch of pattern and texture. Whether it be whimsical botanicals, abstract motifs, or minimal geometric shapes, patterned floor rugs will effortlessly uplift your interior with personality. 

5. Opt for Strategic Placements

By strategically placing your new rug, you can instantly transform the ambience of any room in your home. 

There are several ways this can be done, including positioning a rug beneath specific furniture items that you wish to draw more attention to, such as a coffee table or dining table. You can also define a specific corner in a room by adding a floor rug in that space, such as an entertainment corner in an open-plan lounge area. 


We have answered the most asked questions about floor rugs to help you during your search: 

How Long Should a Floor Rug Last?

A good quality floor rug should last anywhere between 5 to 15 years. The lifespan of your rug greatly depends on how well you look after it. 

Ensuring you regularly detox your rug from impurities and stains using special cleaning agents or by seeking a professional service will keep it looking fresh and brand new. It’s also important to avoid using a powerful vacuum and stiff bristles as this can damage the fibres and stitching. 

What Makes a Good Floor Rug? 

A good floor rug should have a medium to thick rug pile density and be made from premium fibres, such as wool and cotton. To ensure durability, it should also exhibit expert craftship, with firmly woven edges and reinforced stitches throughout. 

At Planet Linen, we have meticulously curated our entire collection of natural fibre rugs, selecting only the best brands in the industry to ensure our customers receive perfectly crafted rugs that will last many years. 

Should My Floor Rug Cover the Whole Floor? 

The ideal size of your floor rug depends on your interior design preferences and your home’s layout. Smaller rugs can make smaller rooms feel more open, whereas larger rugs can prevent open spaces from feeling too empty. Whichever way you incorporate a floor rug in your home, be sure to take accurate measurements of your chosen room. 

Are You Supposed to Put Something Under a Rug? 

We recommend placing an anti-slip rug pad beneath your floor rug to stabilise it and prevent it from slipping about on your floor (which can lead to accidents). A rug pad will also protect your rug and flooring from damage caused by micro-abrasions.

What Does a Rug Do to A Room? 

Adding a rug to a room can immerse your home with character and aesthetic appeal, transforming the entire appearance and feel of the space. It can add an extra layer of textural depth to your interior, harmonise surrounding furniture, balance different hues, and create an eye-catching statement.

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