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Linen Sheets


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At Planet Linen, we offer linen sheets that align with our vision - a perfect night’s sleep with reasonable prices and exceptional quality. Whether you’re a restless sleeper or tend to overheat in bed, our range of linen sheets offers consistent breathability, softness, and freshness qualities. 

Our linen sheets come in a fantastic variety of colours, patterns, and types to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Browse our collection now to buy quality linen sheets that make you feel cool, covered, and blissful all night. 

What Are Linen Sheets?

Linen sheets are made using fibres extracted from flax plants. The refinery of this complex process makes linen a more luxurious option than cotton. 

Cherish the following benefits when you purchase flax linen sheets: 

  • More absorption - When you sweat at night, your linen sheets absorb moisture better than other fabric types. You’ll stay dry and warm all night long.
  • Dirt-repelling - Linen sheets are naturally dirt-repelling, meaning they’re less likely to stain and can repel dust mites, and they’ll provide long-lasting quality.
  • Hypoallergenic - Synthetic fabrics can often cause allergic reactions when we wrap ourselves in them. Linen is natural, so it won’t trigger your allergies and is kind against soft skin.
  • All-seasons - Lightweight material is temperature-regulating, enabling you to use our linen sheets during winter or summer. They offer both breathability and insulation. Consider pairing a linen bed sheet with a bedspread or comforter during the winter to bulk up your bed set and provide more of that cosy, nestled feeling.
  • Durability - Linen is three times stronger than cotton because of the material’s natural binding and carefully woven structure. Our linen is long-lasting, providing years of use. 

Are you ready to upgrade your bedding? Check out the carefully curated selection of high-quality linen sheets below.

Linen Sheets Types

Get the works at Planet Linen. Fitted sheets, or flat sheets, fit the top of your mattress like a glove, giving you a softer base to sleep and rest on. Our duvet sheets provide a pleasant casing around your top covers, for added comfort. 

As you scroll through our collection, you’ll notice various labels: French linen, flux linen, and pure linen. Let’s break it down for you, so you make a well-informed purchase:

  • Pure linen - Pure linen isn’t interwoven with other fabrics, meaning the fibres are 100% natural. These sheets typically have a heavier thread count and feel more weighted than cotton. 
  • French linen - Here, the clue is in the name. The flax for this variation is grown in France and safely shipped to our trusted manufacturers. That’s why it’s sometimes called French flax linen.
  • Flax linen - Flax linen refers to a structural style in which our trusted manufactures blend flax fibres with the linen fabric. The threads are often larger and more hollow. This combination makes it the most durable option.

Select the Right Linen Sheet For You

As you browse our impressive collection of linen sheets, a few considerations come to mind. Choose from a range of sizes, including queen, mega queen, king, and super-king, to easily find the right fit for your bed. 

You’ll love our standalone options if you want to switch out your old sheet with something new and long-lasting. Stock up on individual flat sheets so you always have fresh alternatives available. 

Our matching linen bed sheets create cohesion in the bedroom, enabling you to match your duvet, fitted, and pillow covers. Browse a range of natural tones, like rich cinnamon, earthy moss, and sleek ash. Alternatively, add a pop of colour with our vintage navy blue. 

Linen Sheets Brands

At Planet Linen, we concoct the perfect blend of functionality, practicality, and ultimate style–and our chosen brands reflect this.

We only stock brands that use fine raw materials and meticulous manufacturing processes. Find top sheets from several reputable brands at Planet Linen:

We’re proud to work with exceptional brands that cater to your independent needs. Review our online collection to find sheets that promise warmth and relaxation.

Try Our Decorative Linen Sheets

We understand how important it is to create a bedroom aesthetic you love. 

Beds are a key staple in any bedroom, but it’s the sheets that stand out and add character. 

Our linen sheet selection is sure to make an impact, with various colours available for you to buy. Check out our deep royal greens, natural browns and eye-catching lilacs. We have plenty of colour suited to many tastes. Take a good look through our collections to find the perfect colour for you.  

Linen sheets in neutral shades like tan and white make a great choice for a minimal aesthetic, as the feel of linen sheets is coarser than cotton, creating a more rustic feel.

Match this aesthetic with unique sewing designs that introduce interesting textures. Comfortable to touch and pleasing to view, our textured pillows add more dimension to your smoother linen sheets. 

Whatever your preferred aesthetic, you can pair these decadent sheets with additional pillows and throw blankets, elevating your room’s look (and, of course, your comfort). Check out your options down below to start curating a bedroom aesthetic you can’t get enough of.

Feel Fresh Throughout the Night with Our Flat Sheets

Linen flat sheets are a perfect absorbent base layer and a must-have in any quality bed set. Our matching sets give you everything you need for a restful, uninterrupted sleep. 

Your flat sheets generally undergo the most wear-and-tear out of any bedsheet type. When you move in the night, the friction affects your sheets. Linen sheets are 30% more durable than cotton, making them a better fit for longevity.

As every Aussie knows, sleeping in warmer climates can feel sticky and clammy. Our breathable linen flat sheets allow air to pass through easily, giving you ventilation throughout hotter nights. 

Our customer-favourite flat sheets are super easy to clean, giving you that brand-new feeling with every wash. Hollow fibres let stains lift easily from linen fabric, improving the lifespan of your sheet. 

We offer a wide collection of linen flat sheets for all bed sizes, including single, double, and king size. You can even mix and match the colours of your individual bed and flat sheets for a more unique appearance.

Buy Irresistibly Breezy Linen Sheets From Planet Linen

Planet Linen is your top choice for quality bed linens and sheets. We curate our collections by identifying leading brands and listening to what customers look for in the ideal product. 

Our priorities are quality and affordability, providing our customers with reasonably priced, fresh and luxurious sheets. A luxury night’s sleep should be within everyone’s grasp. 

Browse our quality linen sheets to find the perfect breathable bed set. 


When Are Linen Sheets The Right Choice?

Linen offers year-round usage, as it naturally regulates temperatures. You’ll feel warm and snug in colder months and cool and refreshed in hotter months. If you or a household member suffers seasonal or dirt-related allergies, switch to linen now. The fibre’s structure makes it difficult for mites and other debris to cling on, giving you that consistent fresh and airy feel.

How Should I Wash My Linen Sheets?

You should wash your linen sheets carefully and at relatively low temperatures of 40 degrees. This level provides enough heat to clear body oils, debris, and dirt without affecting the linen’s overall structure. When possible, outstretch air-dry your sheets to preserve the shape of your sheets. 

How Long Do Linen Sheets Last?

You can expect your linen sheets to last a minimum of 3–5 years. Well-kept pure and flux linens are known to last for 10 or more years, making them an excellent long-term investment. To ensure optimum freshness, consider replacing regularly used flat sheets and duvet covers every 5–10 years. Planet Linen’s quality bedding will be there when you need it. 

Are Linen Sheets Good For Your Skin?

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, linen sheets are the number one choice. They’re naturally hypoallergenic and dust-repellent, helping your skin remain clearer while you sleep. Linen is also natural, so friction against the skin is less likely to cause a rash or irritation. It's soft and scratch-free for maximum comfort. 

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