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Shop with us to purchase the softest bath and beach towels for drying your skin off after a dip, whether it’s a self-care night at home or a dip in the ocean! Our towels come in a variety of different colours, patterns, and textures to suit your taste and bathroom aesthetic.

We provide the softest, soothing towels, or you can choose one of our towel robes to wrap up warm while you’re taking a dip in the great outdoors.

Planet Linen provides only the highest quality towels from reputable brands - browse our collection now to find your ideal snuggly towel.

What Are Bath Towels?

Bath towels are designed to dry your body once you come out of the shower. Since your skin is so sensitive after bathing, bath towels provide soft and absorbent comfort. 

Opting for higher quality towels from us at Linen Planet will help you avoid dry skin and will ensure your daily bathing habits are followed by complete comfort. Snuggle up in one of our bath towels and warm up after your wash!

What Are Beach Towels?

Beach towels are larger than bath towels typically so you lie down comfortably while tanning and relaxing on the beach. A beach towel can also help you dry off after a swim and protects you from sand heated by the sun. They’re typically thinner than bath towels, so you can easily stuff them into your beach bag, and they will dry more easily in the sun as you flit in and out of the water.

For kids, you can opt for a poncho-style hooded beach towel to keep their skin covered by chilly air and UV rays. They can continue running around and playing wearing this design.

At Planet Linen, we offer lightweight and high-quality beach towels so you can enjoy soft, snuggly, and warm relief after a dip in the ocean! Wrap our fresh cotton beach towels around you and let the joy and relaxation sink in during your day out in nature.

Striking Towel Colours And Patterns

Whether you’re choosing a towel for at the beach or at home, we have a variety of luxurious towel colours and patterns to choose from. 

When choosing a towel for the beach, you want bold colours that you can easily see and return to your spot. When choosing a towel for your home, however, you want colours that match and complement the aesthetic you’ve already created in there. For instance, if you have a black bath mat, you might want to make sure your towel matches.

We provide an extensive range of colours and patterns to ensure our customers can elevate their spaces. Our striped towels are particularly good for creating a more unique look in your bathroom. Browse the various bath and beach towel sets we offer to find the perfect style for you. 

Find Matching Towel Sets Here

Nothing says classy like having completely matching towel sets for your home. And we offer matching sets in a variety of colours and styles. You can even purchase a two-pack alongside a family set of four, so you always know which towels are for your guests. 

Alternatively, you might consider choosing a set that incorporates towels varying in size, such as hand towels, face flannels, bath towels, and bath mats. Getting a matching set for your bathroom ties everything together for a more elevated aesthetic.

Purchase Towel Materials Soft on Your SKin

The fabric of your towel is the most important thing to think about, and we have a great selection of the softest fabrics for you to choose from. High-quality cotton is by far the softest, plushest choice, offering both warmth and comfort for you when you step out of the bath at home. 

Egyptian cotton is renowned for its quality and softness. Here, purchase the finest 100% Egyptian cotton towels to elevate your bathing experience. 

Or, why not try our ribbed cotton towels, textured for perfect comfort and crafted for the ultimate drying efficiency? You’ll find that our beach towels still provide the ultimate cosy softness against your skin while being super absorbent to dry you off quickly!

Choose From Our Brands

We select our towel collections from only the best brands, offering exceptional towels with durability, softness, and unwavering quality. When it comes to your towels, the brand matters, as the raw materials used should be sourced carefully for a finer overall product. 

Here are some of the brands we offer at Planet Linen:

Choose from these exceptional brands and more when you shop online at Planet Linen.

Towel Sizes

When it comes to the size of your towels, we have various options to weigh up. If you’re shopping for bathroom towels, you may wish to opt for a complete set with a matching bath mat and hand towels, or you may simply want a multipack of regular-sized bath towels. 

For beach towels, you can opt for sizes ranging from 60-100 x 120-180 cm. Choosing a bigger size gives you more room to lie down at the beach, but a smaller size will be more compact. We have something to suit everyone, including ponchos for wearable beach towels!

Why Choose High GSM Towels?

When selecting towels, whether it be for at home or at the beach, it’s important to look at the GSM. The gsm is very similar to the thread count for bed linens, which indicates how many threads are used in each centimetre-squared of the fabric. 

A higher thread count means softer, more durable fabric. The same goes for the GSM with towels. 

When you choose a higher gsm, the fabric is far softer, and it will be more durable due to more material being incorporated into the fabric. This is why our collection is made up of only high-GSM towels, so you can experience only the best quality when you shop with us!

Buy High-Quality Bath And Beach Towels From Planet Linen

When you shop with us, you gain the advantage of our expertise in linens and home fabrics. Any one of the towels below is bound to stand the test of time and provide you with luxurious comfort. Browse our collection now to make your online purchase.


What Should I Look For When Choosing Towels?

Thread density is important when choosing towels. High density suggests the towel is more absorbent, making it a great option for bathrooms. Low density means the towel is slightly thinner and lighter, meaning it’s good for outdoor use. Look for materials and textures that align with your preferences and skin sensitivity–cotton is excellent for sensitive skin.

What’s The Difference Between A Bath And Beach Towel?

Bath towels are thick and warm for when you get out of the shower, whereas beach towels are thinner, which is better for drying them off at the beach. Beach towels are often larger, giving you more surface area to sunbathe. Bath towels may vary in size more often to cater to different uses, like handwashing, or areas such as body or head drying. 

What Is The Thread Count For Towels?

Thread count for towels is measured in grams per square metre (gsm). The higher the gsm of your towels, the more luxurious they will be. You can easily check the thread count for towels in the product description to make sure you’re purchasing a high-quality product.

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