When it comes to manchester, cushions are a great way to add comfort and style to your bedroom. Layering your bed with cushions adds dimension and character to your space. It's one of the simplest ways to jazz up a room. There's no limit to decorating with cushions. You can mix and match colours, patterns, shapes, and sizes until you achieve your desired look. It's the best approach to personalising your bedroom.

Go for cushion designs that are diverse and versatile. They go well with any room, regardless of how big or small. Like any other decorative piece, cushions work great as the focal point of your room, especially when laid on a plain bed or sofa. They make your space cosy and inviting. If you’re looking to buy cushions online, then there’s no better place than Planet Linen!

Colour & Patterns Set the Vibe

We know that cushions are best utilised for styling your room, that’s why you'll find our cushion collection includes all sorts of different colours and patterns to suit all styles. Keep in mind that colours set the mood in interior design, while patterns add texture and elevate the room's overall vibe. A good rule of thumb is to pick shades and designs that complement or contrast with your bedroom's existing style. Make sure that all elements marry into one cohesive theme.

If you’re looking for great-quality cushions to buy in a whole range of colours and patterns, you need to look at our cushions from brands like Private Collection, Linen House, Bambury and Logan and Mason.

Choose Fabrics & Materials That Go Well With Your Theme

The material of your cushions determines the quality and comfort level of your cushions. The various textures of different fabrics used on cushions will result in multiple looks for your room too. For example, if you want to evoke a sense of luxury, silk or fur gives a more plush look. If you would rather enjoy a contemporary look, cotton, corduroy or linen cushions can give you a modern and urban vibe. Cushions lined with trim can also create a bohemian flavour. You’ll find cushions made from all sorts of fabrics for sale and even on clearance in our extensive cushion collection.

Mix & Match Different Sizes & Shapes

Balance is the key when choosing the perfect cushion shapes and sizes. It's essential to consider the scale of your bed or sofa. Oversized cushions tend to make a small bed or sofa look crowded. But that doesn't mean you can't play around with their sizes. Mixing and matching creates more texture and character.

While the square is the most common cushion shape and easiest to play around with, you'll also find quite a lot of cushions in rectangular and circular forms. Square ones offer more support and are more versatile for mixing and matching. However, rectangle and circular cushions are terrific accent pieces and create bolder statements.

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