Our thoughtfully curated assortment of filled cushions harmoniously blends sumptuous comfort with eye-catching style. Whether you're seeking to upgrade your bedding, transform your sofa, or adorn your accent chairs, our premium cushions collection has something suited to every need, preference, and interior taste. 

We proudly stock a vast selection of luxurious brands, including Logan and Mason Platinum, Linen House, Bianca, MM Linen, and many more, ensuring every cushion showcases unparalleled craftsmanship and quality. 

Shop our deluxe Cushion collection today to discover your perfect match! 

Discover Your Perfect Cushion Style

We have hundreds of vibrant, funky, modern, and sleek cushion styles suited to every interior aesthetic. Discover your perfect cushion style:

Floral Cushions

Transform your interior into a botanical oasis with our vibrant selection of traditional and contemporary Floral Cushions. From intricately embroidered petals to vivid printed fabrics, our floral cushions feature many blooming designs that serve as gorgeous decorative statements. 

The breathtaking Heidi Linen/Cotton Cushion 50 x 50 cm by MM Linen will turn any space into a majestic palace, with a classic hint of rococo floral art. 

If you want to uplift your room with subtle floral accents, the graceful Giselle White Square Velvet Cushion is the perfect choice.

Posing as a striking floral statement, the extravagant Indi Square White Cushion By Bianca will instantly transform your bed into a decadent painting. 

Linen Cushions

Refresh your home with our bespoke range of earthy, natural Linen Cushions

Famed for their hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and breathable qualities, linen pillows serve as a practical and comfortable choice, especially during warmer seasons. Linen cushions often feature neutral, earthy tones and rustic texture, making it a splendid style for contemporary minimalist and boho-chic interiors alike. 

The sandy Linen Cushion - Long Rectangle - Pebble by Bambury radiates beach vibes and adds a charming touch of coastal elegance to any space. Its long design is perfect for daybeds, sun loungers, benches, and sofas, providing unmatched comfort and support. 

If you're looking for a lightweight and cosy bed or sofa cushion, the delightful Linen Cushion - Square - Silver by Bambury is a likely option. This cushion's subtle texture and tufted edges offer a playful, laid-back, boho aesthetic that effortlessly blends into any space.

Glamour & Luxe Cushions

Infuse your space with elegance and luxury with our irresistible selection of Glamour and Luxe cushions. These decadent styles are artfully crafted using luxurious materials, including sumptuous velvet and silky satin, to deliver an opulent aesthetic that elevates any room to a new level of glamorous sophistication. 

The spectacular Biance's Vivid Velvet 43x43cm Filled Cushion boasts an intricate metallic jacquard weave and silver fringe, which combine to deliver a touch of understated class and grandeur.

Featuring a black and metallic gold imperial pattern reminiscent of Ancient Greece and exceptionally soft chenille fringing, the Massimo Black Decorator Cushion by Davinci creates a dramatic statement that will transform your room into a regal palace.

Minimal Cushions

Subtly uplift your interior with our contemporary Minimal Cushion range. Our refined selection of cushion designs offers simplistic and versatile style that elegantly complements any interior aesthetic. They also harmoniously pair with other cushion styles, such as vibrant florals, making them a perfect solution for balancing decor.

The unique Raymond Coordinate Cushion 45 x 45 cm by Bianca adds a playful pop of colour and soft corduroy texture — a marvellous choice if you're seeking to liven up your bedroom!

If you want a hint of texture but still want to maintain a minimal aesthetic, the fresh and crisp Cordelia White Coordinate Cushion 43 x 43cm by Bianca is a likely match. Featuring an embossed damask pattern and scalloped edges, this charming cushion will delicately infuse your room with provincial style. 

Striped Cushions

Our classic Striped Cushion collection is perfect for anyone seeking timeless, retro charm. It is perfect as stand-alone decor and ideal for layering our vintage-inspired striped cushions, which offer endless ways of styling!

Our best-selling Vintage Stripe Tiramisu Cushion 48 x 48cm by Linen House features a soft contrast of washed brown stripes against a natural ivory backdrop that offers a laid-back yet sophisticated aesthetic. These cushions are expertly crafted with a premium natural linen and cotton blend to create an authentic washed, vintage texture.

Geometric Cushions

Jazz up your home with our selection of striking Geometric Cushions. Combining vibrant colours with clean and sharp patterns, geometric cushions add a touch of sleek, modern edge to any space. 

The Octagonal Lattice Silver Cushion by Florence Broadhurst features a unique grey and white deconstructed geometric pattern that effortlessly complements contemporary industrial-style interiors. 

If you're seeking a more eye-catching statement, the Phoenix 48 x 48cm Cushion Slate by Linen House will certainly do the trick! Featuring a dramatic geometric pattern and a luxurious velvet finish, this classic-inspired cushion marries sleek boldness with elegance and sophistication.

Animal Print Cushions

Embrace your wild side with our playful Animal Print Cushion collection. With a diverse range of designs on offer, including vivid tropical birds, ferocious animal prints, retro illustrations, and funky abstract designs, you'll have no trouble finding your dream animal cushion!

If you're mad about dogs, the adorable Baghie The Lab Cushion 50 x 50 cm by MM Linen is the perfect companion. This charming cushion features a hand-painted design that pays homage to labradors, a universally loved breed. 

The delightful Victoria Mist Square filled Cushion 48 x 48cm by Linen House offers a tropical twist with its detailed illustration of a flamboyant cockatoo and pastel botanical accents. 

Caring for Your Cushions: Top Tips and Tricks

Wondering how to keep your cushions plump and pristine? Check out these helpful tips: 

  • Regularly fluff Cushions: Fluff your cushions every day or so to redistribute the filling. This will maintain shape and plushness.
  • Spot Clean: Overwashing your cushions can ruin their shape and material. When spills and stains occur, spot clean with a damp cloth and soapy water or fabric cleaner.
  • Always Check Labels Before Washing: Follow the manufacturer's instructions on labels to ensure you correctly wash and dry cushions. 
  • Keep Out of Direct Light: Don't leave your cushions in direct sunlight for too long to prevent fading. Protect Your Cushions: Use cushion covers or protectors to keep your cushions looking fresh. 
  • Vacuum Cushions: Regularly vacuum cushions to remove built-up dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Proper Storage: When you aren't using your cushions, store them in a clean and dry area. This will protect them from damage and prevent mould and mildew from growing


    Here are ready-answered frequently asked questions about cushions: 

    How Many Cushions Should You Have on a Sofa?

    Depending on your sofa size, we recommend adding 2 to 4 cushions. 

    It's important to avoid putting too many cushions on your sofa as this can overcrowd it. If you want to create an eclectic ensemble of cushions but still want to maintain your sofa's practicality, you can mix and match smaller cushions. 

    Alternatively, if you want to fill lots of space while keeping cushions to a minimum, you can add a pair of oversized cushions, or perhaps a long bolster or full body cushion. 

    Planet Linen offers a wide selection of luxurious sofa cushions. Our vibrant assortment of stylish designs and premium materials makes it easy to find the perfect match for your sofa. Discover the perfect match for your sofa in our exclusive Cushion collection today!

    Should You Buy Cushions in Pairs? 

    We recommend buying matching cushion pairs if you want to create a symmetric and balanced interior. If you're going for a more eclectic look, consider mixing and matching different cushion styles, shapes, and patterns. 

    We have a fabulous lineup of luxurious cushions in an assortment of designs that combine elegance with comfort. From boho-chic tufted styles to contemporary geometric designs, our curated collection offers endless interior styling opportunities suited to every taste! 

    Shop our full collection today at Planet Linen. 

    What Is the Most Popular Cushion Size? 

    Standard square shaped 45x45cm is the most popular cushion size because it looks good in every setting and on all furniture, including beds, sofas, and dining chairs.

    At Planet Linen, we have a wide selection of pillow sizes, available in hundreds of stylish patterns and premium materials, including velvet, natural linen, pure cotton, and much more! 

    Whether you're seeking standard square cushions, king or queen-sized cushions to accompany your bedding, long-filled pillows for your daybed, or perhaps decorative twin cushions for your accent chair, we have it all. Discover the perfect pillow size and design for your home in our thoughtfully curated range.

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