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Bath Towels


Bath Towels

Succumb to irresistible warmth and comfort with our curated assortment of deluxe bath towels. We stock a diverse range of quality bath towels from sought-after brands, including Sheridan, Laura Ashley, Bambury, and many more! 

Delivering the endless softness, high absorbency, and moisture-wicking characteristics of luxury spa towels, our selection of bath towel sets delivers unparalleled quality, transforming the routine act of drying off after a shower into an indulgent treat. 

Upon exploring our exclusive collection, you'll find hundreds of unique colours and styles suited to many needs, preferences, and bathroom interiors. Whether you're looking to enliven your bathroom with a vibrant pop of colour or wish to keep it simple and sophisticated with classic tones, you're bound to discover your dream bath towels and robes at Planet Linen. 

Why Choose Our Bath Towel Collection?

Our entire range of bath towels has been mindfully curated to ensure you receive quality products that swaddle you with luxurious softness, ultimately redefining your bath time or shower experience. Here are five key reasons why you should consider our decadent bath towel collection:

  1. Expertly crafted from premium materials, such as Egyptian cotton, to ensure softness and comfort.
  2. Assured super moisture absorption for a quick and effective drying experience.  
  3. Reinforced stitching to guarantee long-lasting quality.
  4. There is a diverse selection to choose from, including a range of tasteful styles, sizes, and materials. 
  5. Easy maintenance thanks to straightforward care instructions and innovative designs. 

Discover Unparalleled Comfort with Sheridan Bath Towels 

Balancing meticulous weaves, delicate textures, remarkable absorbency, and gorgeous designs, Sheridan's bespoke range of cotton bath towels is famed for its exquisite quality, making them an excellent brand of choice. 

We proudly stock a rich selection of exclusive Sheridan collections, including Luxury Retreat, Cotton Twist, Hydro Texture, Luxury Egyptian, and Living Textures Trenton bath towels. 

Each range boasts its unique features, such as the innovative Hygro™ technology found in the Living Textures Trenton bath towels range, which combines impressively high absorbency with a lavishly soft finish that will leave you feeling like you're at a 5-star retreat! 

If you're seeking spa-quality towels for your bathroom, you can shop our abundant variety of opulent Sheridan bath towels online today at Planet Linen!

Other Top-Selling Brands To Discover 

Upon exploring our complete assortment of premium bath towels, you'll discover a diverse range of luxury brands, each distinguished by their unrivalled quality and creative designs. Here are the other best-selling brands stocked at Planet Linen: 

  • Bambury: Offering a full palette of contemporary colours, skillfully woven patterns, and endless plushness, Bambury's bath towels encourage you to indulge in comfort and classic style. 
  • Laura Ashley: Infusing designs with practicality and tasteful style, London-based designer label Laura Ashley boasts a timeless collection of quality bath towels.
  • Christy England: Delivering an eye-catching array of blissfully silken bath towels, including Hygro™ technology towels, Christy England presents a wonderful line of towels.
  • Linen House: Beautifully composed with alluring patterns and supreme comfort, Linen House offers a range of towels and bathrobes crafted using a combination of low-maintenance synthetic materials and cotton.
  • MM Linen: Masterfully crafted in Turkey, MM Linen delivers incomparably velvety bath towels characterised by a delightfully subtle popcorn weave. 

Find Your Bath Towel Style at Planet Linen

Whether you're seeking boldly patterned bath towels that reflect your individuality or something subtly textured that delivers understated elegance and coordinates with your bathroom's interior, you're bound to find a towel you love when browsing our curated collection. 

To spark some inspiration and refine your search, we recommend familiarising yourself with our different styles. 

If you enjoy the simplicity of traditional bath towels, you can opt for a timelessly classic terry-cotton finish. Or perhaps, if you're seeking a modern and trendy bathroom staple, you'd prefer a pop of colour paired with delicate textural patterns, as seen in the Sandcastle Living Textures Trenton Towel set by Sheridan

Understanding The Difference Between a Bath Sheet and Bath Towel

The primary distinction between a bath sheet and a bath towel lies in each item's size…

Bath sheets are much larger than bath towels, generously enveloping your entire body, ensuring you're completely embraced with warm and velvety comfort — providing a true spa-quality experience! On the other hand, classic bath towels are a regular size, offering standard coverage.

Essential Bathroom Towel Checklist

Ensuring your bathroom is equipped with the right types of towels will foster a functional and relaxing bath-time experience. To help you out, we have created this essential checklist: 

  • Bath towel
  • Bath sheet
  • Face washer towel
  • Hand towel
  • Bath mat

You can make your shopping experience easier by purchasing one of our bath towel sets, such as the Orient Blue Living Textures Trenton Towel Collection by Sheridanthese multi-buy packs are excellent value for money!


For your convenience, we have answered the most-asked questions about bath towels: 

How Many Times Can You Use a Bath Towel Before Washing It? 

You should wash your bath towel after three uses to minimise the cultivation of germs. It's also important to ensure your towel is hung up and dried completely between uses to avoid an unpleasant odour and prevent mould and bacteria from growing.

How Often Should I Replace Bath Towels? 

For hygiene reasons, it's best advised to replace your bath towels every two to five years. Ensuring you invest in quality bath towels, such as the Luxury Egyptian cotton towel range by Sheridan, will ensure your towels remain plush and absorbent for more than two years, reducing the need to replace them as frequently as cheaper towels. 

How Many Sets of Bath Towels Do You Need?

The amount of bath towel sets you need in your household is entirely dependent upon how many people you live with. A general rule of thumb is to have three sets of towels per person. This ensures a balanced rotation of having one towel in use, one in the closet, and the other in the wash. If you're in need of more towels, browse our complete range of luxury bath towel sets at Planet Linen. 

What To Avoid When Washing Towels? 

We strongly advise avoiding fabric softener when washing your bath towels. This is because bath towels are extremely absorbent and will soak up all the fabric softener, leading to build-up and an unpleasant feel on the skin. 

What Is the Best Material for a Bath Towel?

Cotton is the best material for a bath towel because it is naturally soft, absorbent, and breathable. For elevated luxury and comfort, you can opt for Egyptian cotton towels. Linen also makes an excellent towel material because it's fast-drying and boasts exceptionally high absorbency. We stock an assortment of bath towels in a range of premium materials at Planet Linen. Explore our complete selection today. 

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