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Quilts and duvets are the best ingredients for a perfectly snug night’s sleep. There’s nothing like feeling the warm envelopment of your quilt after a long and hard day’s work…and that’s where we come in. 

We provide the highest quality quilts and duvets, so you can get your hard-earned zzz’s in complete bliss.

At Planet Linen, we value your quality of sleep and know how important a comfortable bed is for restorative rest. We only stock products from highly reviewed and recommended brands to ensure satisfaction.

Browse our duvet selection to find the most cuddlesome and plump duvets your heart could dream of! When you get your blissful night’s sleep, we’ll be content knowing our mission is complete.

What Are Quilts?

Quilts are multi-layered textiles designed to keep you warm at night. They are a weighted, cushioned cover for an all-encompassing feel as you rest. 

Our quilts act as a main blanket for you to sleep under and are either covered in a decorative, single tone, or white casing.

We offer a wide range of quilts that vary in size and offer different levels of insulation so you can find the right one to suit your preferred temperature and bed frame type.

Here are some of the different Australia-made quilts on offer at Planet Linen:

  • Bamboo quilts - Bamboo quilts are filled with some kind of bamboo viscose or stuffing material coated in a bamboo fibre cover. Our quilts are hypoallergenic, bacteria-resistant, and resistant to dust mites.
  • Winter quilts - a winter quilt has a higher tog or higher level of stuffing, for more insulation during the colder months. Our winter quilts are perfect for keeping you cosy and comfortable when the air is thick with a chill. Find various sizes below.
  • Summer quilts - a summer quilt provides the gentle coverage needed for when it’s too hot out. They’re well ventilated, helping you remain cooler for longer.
  • All-season quilts - Our four-season quilts are breathable for summer while providing the insulation required for winter. They’re great for those who live in areas with drastically changing seasons! 
  • Down quilts - down quilts are feather quilts made using the down feathers from birds, which are underneath the slicker feathers to provide insulation. When stuffed into a quilt, these feathers ensure total comfort and warmth, locking in your body heat for a perfect night’s sleep. 

All of these different quilt types are in the collection down below, and now you know the difference, you can make the most educated purchase. Browse now to purchase the quilt type that best suits your sleeping patterns!

Quilt And Duvet Sizes

Whether you need an extra large quilt to hang off the edge of your bed or need something to suit your bed’s size, we have what you need. The quilt and duvet sizes we offer include single, king single, double, king, super king, and emperor. Whether you need a perfect fit or something a little too big (for that extra cocoon feeling), you’ll find it down below!

Quilt And Duvet Togs

Before purchasing a quilt from Planet Linen, do be sure to check the tog! The tog is the level of insulation offered by a quilt or duvet and indicates how warm or cool it’ll keep you. We recommend choosing togs between 2.5 and 7 if you seek a summer quilt. 

Or, if you’re looking for a winter quilt, we recommend choosing a tog level of between 10.5 and 13.5 for maximum comfort. If you choose something in the mid-range, you’ll have the perfect all-season quilt. Browse below and check the tog levels to shortlist the candidates for your new duvet!

Decorating Your Doona

Although some doonas come with a decorative covering, you don’t want to spoil them with stains, and you want them to stay smelling fresh. Washing your doona too often will spoil the quality, so it’s best to cover it with a quilt cover. Luckily, you don’t need to look too far to find one. 

We provide a wide range of gorgeous, high-thread-count quilt covers for you to choose from in colours and styles to suit your bed frame and bedroom aesthetic. And we offer them in different sizes to match your doona. Be sure to keep your doona safe and smelling fresh!

Browse Our Quilt And Doona Brands

At Planet Linen, we want our customers to enjoy the highest quality linens at the most reasonable price. We select only the finest brands with competitive pricing to make sure you get the quality you’re looking for without overpaying. So, you’re guaranteed fair prices and supreme luxury when you shop with us. Here are some of the reputable duvet brands we provide here at Planet Linen:

Buy Cosy And Snuggly Quilts Online

Whether you’re looking to snuggle up for the winter or have a cool and relaxing night’s sleep in the summer, we’ve got the right doonas and quilts for you. We curate our collections by choosing only the finest brands and products on the market so you can trust us! 

When you shop with us, you’re guaranteed to find the product you need in flawless quality. Peruse down below to find the perfect bedroom staple to give you dreamier sleep!


Here’s some more information to help you browse our quilt collection.

Why Does Tog Matter For Quilts?

The tog matters for quilts as it determines how warm the quilt will be. Choosing a lower tog will give you a lighter, more breathable quilt. Choosing a higher tog will ensure tighter insulation to conserve your body heat and keep you warm during winter.

What’s The Difference Between A Quilt And Comforter?

Quilts are a better match for hot sleepers as they provide more breathability. Comforters have more insulating structures, which makes the fabric less breathable but better at conserving heat. Duvets are typically covered in a quilt cover, whereas comforters typically don’t require any covering.

Can I Use Two Quilts?

If you’re an extremely cold sleeper, you can always double up with the quilts or combine a quilt and comforter together. By using two quilts, you can also create a plumper, more luxurious look for your bed. You can use two different colours and patterns to create a unique aesthetic for your bed while providing a cushy extra layer of warmth!

How Should I Wash My Quilt To Keep It Fresh?

You shouldn’t wash your quilt regularly, as washing can degrade the quality. You should wash it on a bi-yearly or yearly basis to ensure it endures the test of time. Wash it on a gentle setting and low heat, but don’t put it in the tumble dryer. Leave it to air dry outside or in a warm area.

What’s The Difference Between Quilts, Doonas, And Duvets?

Trick question! All of these words mean the same thing. So whether we’re talking about quilts, duvets, or doonas, we’re talking about two layers of fabric stuffed with either polyester, cotton, down feathers, or bamboo viscose. 

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