Summer Bed Sheet Shopping – It's Nothing to Sweat Over!

Summer Bed Sheet Shopping – It's Nothing to Sweat Over!

With summer fast approaching, Australians once again ask what bed linen can I buy that looks fabulous but also keeps me cool at night? At Planet Linen, our focus is providing top-quality bed linen sales to suit the season. Here are some simple tips to make this summer a breeze when it comes to bedding.

The Best Sheets to Keep You Cool at Night

When it comes to staying cool at night this summer, you simply cannot beat linen. It offers numerous positive benefits to sleepers, and it’s been doing so since the time of the pharaohs.

What is Linen?

Linen is a natural fibre made from the fibres of the flax plant. The flax plant is an eco-friendly, resilient and sustainable crop. The linen it makes is biodegradable and recyclable. By choosing it, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment this summer, which, before any of its other great properties, makes it a number one choice. Linen is also naturally antimicrobial as it has an inherent ability to inhibit bacterial growth.

Breathe with Linen

Linen is a breathable and lightweight material. Because it’s so lightweight, it won’t weigh you down or add extra heat. This is why linen doona covers and quilt covers are always such great options for summer. The lightness of linen sheets also promotes airflow around you. As you toss and turn, the air will continue to circulate around you. So, whether you use a single or super king coverlet, you’ll stay cool this summer.

Keep Cool with Linen

Linen keeps you cool in hot and humid climates because of the weave of the fibre and the lightweight nature of its wick. This is because air easily passes through linen.

Linen is also a natural temperature regulator. Because it is light, it dries easily. This means if you sweat a lot during the summer, the linen will absorb the sweat and dry before you start to notice it’s there. Additionally, as linen is a natural temperature regulator, linen will adjust to your temperature if you find you fluctuate throughout the night. Plus, if you sleep with a partner and one of you tends to overheat, it will adjust to both of your needs. So, you won’t need to fight over the temperature in the room.

Further, as linen is a textual fabric, it softens with each wash. Even as the summer gets drier your bed will stay smooth. Linen’s rustic weave and aesthetic means not only is it machine washable, but it can come straight out off the line and onto the bed without needing an iron.

Bring the Summer Vibes into Your Room

But choosing sheets doesn’t need to only be about function. Part of the fun when any season changes is the fun of a whole new aesthetic. Now changing a whole room is impractical, but, luckily, changing up your bed is all you need to do to bring summer vibes into your room. This is simply because your bed is the focal point of a room.

Getting the summer vibe can be as easy as changing your sheets or covers. A bright-coloured sheet, linen doona cover or linen quilt cover can add vibrancy and energy to your room. Linen is always a good choice for this because it has a beautiful drape and a classic rumpled look that just shouts summer. Adding a super king size quilt to your bed will capture that wonderful draping over the sides of the bed effect to really bring summer into your room.

Alternatively, a more muted colour will make your summer accessories really stand out. Adding accent pieces to the bed is also an amazing way of creating that summer vibe. Accent pillows in sumptuous patterns, colours and prints are a great and easy way to show off your summer style.  

Finding the Right Brands

At Planet Linen, we offer a huge range that’ll have you covered no matter what your ideal fantastic bedding is. If you’re after a gorgeous and luxurious summer experience, then you can’t beat Sheridan with their devotion to quality craftsmanship and sustainability. Though if you want an extensive and stunning range of bedding crafted in conjunction with top designers, then Linen House is the way for you.

Find it All at Planet Linen

But whatever brand you’re after you’ll find it at Planet Linen. We take pride in having the best quality bed linen at unbeatable prices, always delivered as quickly as possible, because no one should have to wait for a good night’s rest. Join in the bed linen sale at Planet Linen and breathe a little easier this summer.