Add a layer of extra warmth and style to your bedding set-up with our magnificent range of premium coverlets suited to all bed sizes and aesthetic preferences. 

Because coverlets are crafted with lightweight, breathable materials, like natural cotton and linen, they serve as a wonderful year-round bedtime companion.

Our curated collection boasts a huge range of sought-after brands, including Sheridan, Bambury, Logan and Mason, Bianca, and many more! Transform your bedding ensemble into a cosy and blissful sleep sanctuary with our coverlet collection. Discover our entire range today!

Discover Your Favourite Coverlet Styles and Designs 

Unsure of which style coverlet to buy? Explore the following styles (with examples) to discover your perfect match:

  • Cotton Coverlets: Choose cotton coverlets for a classic and versatile bedding layer. Crafted with natural, lightweight fibres, cotton coverlets are exceptionally breathable and hypoallergenic. Refresh your bedding with the Cornell White Coverlet by Private Collection.
  • Waffle Weave Coverlets: Crafted to create a unique waffle-like texture, these woven coverlets offer a contemporary appeal that adds a subtle touch of texture and sophistication to your bedroom decor. Discover the Ascot Surf Coverlet by Logan and Mason Platinum.
  • Quilted Coverlets: If you want the classic aesthetic of a quilt but don't want the weight and additional warmth, quilted coverlets make superb alternatives! With boxy stitching that imitates the style of traditional quilts, these coverlets look just as cosy. Check out the Bianca Barclay Coverlet Set Olive.  
  • Floral Coverlets: If you wish to transform your bedroom into an enchanting botanical oasis, floral coverlets will certainly suffice! Covered in vibrant blooms, this whimsical style infuses the beauty of nature into your bedroom, creating a fresh and joyous atmosphere. Explore the Bonny Cove Coconut Coverlet by Tommy Bahama
  • Velvet Coverlets: For something elegant and chic, velvet coverlets are your perfect match. These decadent bed covers exude luxury while enhancing the comfort of your bedroom. Browse the Bianca Samatra Olive Coverlet Set Olive.
  • Linen Coverlets: Breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic, natural linen coverlets offer a refreshing touch of comfort. Offering a rustic and organic aesthetic, these coverlets are ideal companions for laid-back and stylish rooms. Discover the Nimes Magnet Linen Coverlet by Linen House
  • Cot Coverlets: Treat your bundle of joy to an extra layer of comfort with a cot coverlet. These charming layers are mindfully crafted with chemical-free materials, including linen, to ensure a soothing, undisturbed night's sleep. Make your baby's cot extra soft with the Ducklings Cot Coverlet by Hiccups

Shop Premium Brands for Coverlets

Elevate your bedroom with our premium selection of coverlets brought to you by sought-after brands. 

If you're seeking natural, hypoallergenic coverlets, discover Linen House's exquisite collection of lightweight and chemical-free linen. If you're wanting to transform your bedroom into a 5-star, luxury hotel suite, check out Bambury and Logan and Mason's Platinum range.  

For something contemporary and sleek, browse our assortment of Bianca coverlets. If you're looking to infuse your little one's nursery with extra comfort, explore the adorable collection of coverlet sets by Hiccups

Discover all of our best-selling brands today at Planet Linen!

Coverlet Size Guide: Choosing the Perfect Fit 

Struggling to determine the perfect size coverlet for your bed? Don't worry! Below are the rough dimensions of each bed size to guide your search: 

  • Coverlets for Super King Sized Beds: W 270 x L 240 cm (106 x 94 inches)
  • Coverlets for King Sized Beds: W 260 x L 240 cm (102 x 94 inches)
  • Coverlets for Queen Sized Beds: W 240 x L 240 cm (94 x 94 inches)
  • Coverlets for Double Sized Beds: W 180 x L 240 cm (71 x 94 inches)
  • Coverlets for Single Sized Beds: W 140 x L 210 cm (55 x 83 inches)

Luxury Layering: Stylish Ways to Incorporate Coverlets into Your Bedding Ensemble

Coverlets are perfect bed decorations during warmer months that can be styled in a variety of tasteful ways. If you want to let your bedding breathe during hotter days, you can still incorporate a touch of style by folding your coverlet at the foot of the bed to create a sophisticated and minimal look. 

Another fabulous way to style your coverlet is by draping different colours and/or patterns. This achieves an eclectic and relaxed appeal that instantly transforms your living space into a cosy haven!

Whichever way you wish to use your coverlet, our curated range of versatile coverlets, available in a variety of deluxe designs, colours, and fabrics, will empower you to express your unique style while achieving a comfy and restorative environment that guarantees a perfect night's sleep. Unleash your interior creativity with our coverlet collection today!

Caring for Your Coverlet To Ensure Longevity

With the right love and care, coverlets can last 15 years or more! If you want to keep your coverlet in perfect shape, it's essential to properly care for it. 

To prevent unnecessary damage when refreshing your coverlet, always check the care instructions on the label and ensure you follow the specific guidelines correctly. 

To maintain the plushness and overall shape of your coverlet, regularly shake and fluff it to evenly distribute the fibres. 

Over-cleaning can cause your coverlet to wear in faster, so it's important to spot clean small, one-off stains using a mild detergent. Unless the car label says tumble-drying is okay, we recommend air-drying your coverlet to prevent damage. Ensure you keep it out of direct sunlight when air-drying to maintain its vibrancy.

It's also best practice to store coverlets in cool, dry places when not in use to prevent dust, mould, and mildew from accumulating. 

By following our care tips and adhering to the label instructions, your coverlet will remain in tip-top shape, becoming a timeless and flawless addition to your bedding ensemble!


Here are some ready-answered frequently asked questions about coverlets: 

What's the Purpose of a Coverlet? 

Coverlets pose as the perfect lightweight and decorative alternative to heavier bed covers, such as quilts. They are best suited to hotter, humid climates, ensuring you stay warm and snug at night without feeling weighed down or sweaty. You can use a single coverlet as a standalone layer or mix and match for a chic, layered appearance. 

Discover our diverse selection of luxurious coverlets at Planet Linen today!

What's the Difference Between a Coverlet, Duvet, and Bedspread? 

A coverlet is a lightweight and decorative layer that typically covers the top of the bed. Although both coverlets and bedspreads serve as top insulating layers, bedspreads are thicker and heavier than coverlets, making them better suited to colder weather. 

Duvets are often filled with down, feathers, or synthetic fibres and are used beneath a coverlet or bedspread. 

Which is Warmer: Quilt or Coverlet?

Classic quilts tend to be heavier and thicker, making them perfect for cold nights, whereas coverlets are more lightweight, making them ideal for warmer seasons. 

At Planet Linen, you'll find a huge variety of luxurious coverlets and quilt covers from premium brands, such as Logan and Mason, Bambury, Renee Tailor, Sheridan, and much more! Discover our exclusive range today. 

Are Coverlets Expensive? 

The price of coverlets depends on the material and brand you choose. However, if a coverlet is extremely cheap, it's likely of poor quality and won't last long. At Planet Linen, we have a variety of coverlets suited to all budgets. We also have exclusive deals and coverlet sales, with savings of up to 60%!

Find the perfect coverlet in our collection that meets your preferences and budget today. 

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