We need to fill you in on a lil’ secret, higher thread count does not always mean better quality. 



The truth is, thread count has always been exaggerated in the world of bedding and manchester. Over time, manufacturer and retailers have used thread count as a marketing tactic to promote product quality.

Thread count is a very popular and convenient marketing tool, however it really isn’t the determining factor when it comes to identifying your manchester quality.

Let’s dive in deeper and find out why!



As you know, thread count measures the number of vertical and horizontal threads in a square inch of fabric. In reality, it’s only possible to fit a limited number into that one square inch. The exact thread count number depends on the density of the threads, but normally sits around 400.

With manufacturers and retailers wanting to offer a greater range of products, at increasingly higher prices, they produce bedding with higher thread counts, elevating their perceived value and quality in the now thriving “higher thread count = better quality” universe.



Yes, but just like anything, it’s not just one thing that makes it good.

Thread count is one factor in determining quality. As a general rule, anything over 200TC indicates a high quality.

Within that range, the quality, softness and durability of your bedding is determined by other factors.


At Planet Linen you don’t need to worry about these kind of marketing tactics. We’ve spent years trialling every construction of bedding you can possibly imagine (harder than it sounds – promise).

In the end we found the perfect bedding from the perfect brands. We’re all about honesty. So dive into some amazing sheets today from our extensive range. 




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