Buyers Guide - Pillow Protectors & Mattress Protectors


A good quality mattress is an investment in healthy sleep, so it only makes sense to protect it. 


Mattress protectors will guard your mattress against all manner of accidents, sweating and general wear and tear. 

Mattress Protectors are slightly padded for maximum comfort. Available in three styles: 

  • naturally breathable cotton with a 300 thread count cotton japara cover and 230 gsm cotton fill 
  • easy care cotton/polyester blend with polyester fill 
  • quilted bamboo/polyester with polyester fill and polyurethane waterproof backing 

All styles feature easy fit stretch walls suitable for all mattress depths up to 60cm. 

Mattress Protectors come in a variety of sizes - single, extra long single, king single, double, queen, king and now super king, measuring a huge 204 x 204 cm. 


A pillow protector is essential for every pillow in your home. It protects against spillages, sweating and dribbling, prolonging the life of each pillow for as long as possible. Like our mattress protectors, Pillow Protectors are available in either natural cotton, a blend of cotton/polyester or waterproof bamboo/polyester, all styles slightly padded for maximum comfort. Pillow Protectors are made in a variety of sizes to fit standard pillows, king size pillows and European pillows.